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Our in-house techs will save you valuable time. Take a look at our Service List for details. Call in or chat with us online so we can assess your needs before coming in. We know computers, let us help you get back on track as soon as possible with expert advice and service.

Hardware Installations Data Backup
Virus Removal Printer Installs
Password Reset Email Configuration
Windows Installation Software Installations
Windows Optimization and much more

Quality Service, Great Results

Walk-Ins Welcome

No appointments are necessary for service check-in's, bring in your device and talk with a sales associate.

Guaranteed Turn Around Time

We quote our turn around time upfront and notify you when circumstances cause a service to take longer than expected.

Transparent Communication

Our services are always based on your approval, no hidden charges.

Friendly Service

Our knowledgeable sales associates are available answer your questions and recommend solutions.

Experienced Technicians 

Our technicians have over 35 years of combined experience working on computers, and will tackle each problem effectively and efficiently.

Peace of Mind

Our services have a 90 day warranty to guarantee the issue is solved for good.

  1. Disclaimer
    1. SWS Computers will only perform and provide computer services, repairs and upgrades as requested by the customer. SWS Computers will provide honest, reasonable, and considerate services. The goal is to provide the highest quality of service and support, but specific results cannot be guaranteed. 
    2. Computer service/repairs are provided as a service. There may be circumstances under which your computer cannot be repaired. 
    3. The turnaround time we quote is an estimate and the total length of time required to service/repair your computer cannot be predicted.
    4. You understand that in the process of working on your computer equipment, there is a potential for data loss. You agree that you have made the necessary backups of your data so that in the event of such a loss, the data can be restored. SWS Computers will not be responsible for your data loss. 
    5. You authorize the technician(s) providing the service or repair to install anti-virus and any other necessary software on your computer to perform required services. 
  2. Billing Terms
    1. Computer services/repairs are billed as stated on the service order. 
    2. An estimate of cost for work will be provided before performing computer services/repairs. Estimates are not guaranteed. 
    3. In the case that there is an unforeseen deviation, beyond the above estimated amount, every effort will be made to contact you and inform you of the situation and receive authorization to continue or stop the repair/service
    4. In the case that you cannot be reached, work will stop until contact is established. Once reached, your decision to continue or stop will be honored by SWS Computers.
  3. Payment Terms
    1. Full payment is due upon completion of services, upgrades, or repairs. 
    2. Completed services, computer parts, hardware, or/and software that are ordered or special ordered must be paid before SWS Computers will release the computer/hardware to the customer. 
    3. SWS Computers accepts cash or credit cards for payment tenders. 
  4. Liability
    1. Service(s) are provided in an effort to fix, upgrade, or otherwise repair the computer system(s) for which you request such service(s). 
    2. Your system will not be intentionally harmed. The primary goal is to fix your computer, not damage it. 
    3. In the case of accidental damage of data to your system or data loss caused by already existing problems in your system such as viruses, badly configured software, or hardware problems/failures – you agree to hold SWS Computers and any person(s) associated with SWS Computers or involved in the work being done for you not liable from damages resulting from such problems. 
    4. It is your responsibility to backup your data. SWS Computers will not be responsible for data loss. 
    5. SWS Computers will retain completed services for 90 days after the customer has been notified of its completion. Should the customer fail to pick up the service within that timeframe the ownership of the service will default to SWS Computers and SWS Computers may dispose of it in any way they see fit.

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