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Onsite Services


SWS On-Site Service Department can promptly address any PC or network issues you are experiencing at your home or business. We will send our professionals to you at an affordable rate saving you valuable "down" time. No need to unplug when SWS techs are on their way to help. For over 15 years SWS has been providing both retail and in-house service to the So. AZ vicinity along with On-Site, Remote Repairs and Managed IT services. This is why SWS remains... A Smarter Way Compute!

Router/Firewall Configuration Backup Solutions
Network Setups/Troubleshooting Hardware Upgrades
Virus/Malware Removal Email Configuration
Software Optimization Printer Installs
Training and much more
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No need to unplug

Just call in, we'll be there before you know it.

Quick and hassle free

SWS techs make quick work of most computer and network problems.


Competitive rates so you don't have to think twice about calling us.

Done right

We know your time is valuable so we get it right the first time.

Onsite Services

SWS onsite services are not limited to the services presented below. SWS onsite technicians charge on an hourly basis and as such many other computer or networking related tasks can be done as an onsite service. Please contact us if you have any questions about if your service can be completed on location.

  • RAM Installations
  • HDD/SSD Installations
  • CPU/Case Fan Installations
  • Expansion Card Installations
  • Password Reset
  • Data Backup
  • Email Configuration
  • Software Installations
  • Printer Installs

RAM Installations

We can install up to a pair RAM modules into your laptop or desktop computer. We can install customer provided RAM (if it is compatible with the computer) or install RAM purchased from SWS (does not include memory testing with Memtest)

Onsite hourly rate


HDD/SSD Installations

We can install either a hard drive or an optical drive into your system. Including laptop hard drives, solid state drives, and blu-ray optical drives, both laptop and desktop (If the chassis of the computer allows for it.)

SSD Hard Drives
Onsite hourly rate


CPU/Case Fan Installations

We will install case fans and CPU coolers. The pricing of the installation will vary depending on the complexity of the mounting system for either the case fan or the CPU cooler. If you have any questions about which category your fan or cooler would fall under, please ask when making your appointment (as well as requesting any brand or model preferences.)

Onsite hourly rate


Expansion Card Installations

We will install expansion cards including , graphics cards, sound cards, or any PCI-E card. If the expansion card requires external power connectors (often the case with graphics cards and USB expansion cards) your computer will require a sufficient power supply to run them, we do stock power adapters so in the event an adapter is a viable option.

Graphic Cards Sound Cards
Onsite hourly rate


Password Reset

Password removal is only available on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. For Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers, the user account must be local. If you sign in with your windows account (for Live accounts your username would be an email address ), please call SWS for options.

What to have on hand
  • Computer
  • AC Power Adaptors

Onsite hourly rate


Data Backup

We can perform onsite data backups on computers or hard drives with accessible data (files on the drive are visible when plugged in by SWS technician.) If you do not know how much data on the drive there is to be backed up, we will initially charge the minimum payment and the onsite technician will provide a quote after the status of the drive has been determined. If you need an external hard drive or Flashdrive to store the backup, ones sold by SWS come with a 5% discount with this service.

External HDD USB Drives
Onsite hourly rate


Software Installations

We can install any one piece of software onto your Windows based operating system. This service can be typically completed in as little as 10 minutes but could take much longer depending on the size of the software, computer hardware limitations, and other factors outside of the express technician’s control. Please call ahead if you would like an estimate on the time it would take to complete this service on a case-by-case basis.

Onsite hourly rate


Printer Installs

We will install 1 printer (software or driver as well)

What to have on hand
  • The computer
  • AC power adaptors
  • Printer and AC adaptor

Onsite hourly rate


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SWS Remote Services is a great way to get a problem fixed without leaving the comfort of your home. Whether it's removing a virus or simply installing some software, experienced SWS technicians can securely connect to you PC anywhere in the world and fix your issue.
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Get high-end professional IT support on a small business budget. Remote support, Onsite support, Virus/Malware monitoring, Real-time endpoint monitoring with alerts, and Backups are just some of the services SWS can offer to keep your business running smoothly.


SWS On-Site Service Department can promptly address PC, laptop or network issues you are experiencing at your home or business. We will send our professionals to you at an affordable rate saving you valuable "down" time.
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