About Me

Brandon M.


Surf City, USA

I was born and raised in Surf City, USA (Huntington Beach, California located in Orange County…home of the Beach Boys, Sublime, Avenged Sevenfold, No Doubt, The Offspring). I’ve been in Tucson for almost 6 years now. I have a wife and two kids, a son and a daughter. I have been around and involved with computers since about the age of 4. My father ran a computer business in the early 90’s and when I wasn’t surfing or playing hockey, I was building and playing with computers in my free time.

My Hobbies


Saying I’m a hockey and computer enthusiast is an understatement. When I am not spending time with my family or working, I will most definitely be doing something that involves hockey or computers. I spent most of my life playing hockey, as well as building, fixing, and using computers. I am also a collector of rare Nike SB’s and Dunks. When I’m back in Southern California, I always make sure to spend my time surfing.

My Expertise

Trial and Error…errrr

I spent 2 years in college studying computer science, but most of my knowledge came from years of hands on experience and trial and error. I specialize in computer building(gaming), repair, and diagnostics. I am currently working on obtaining my CompTIA A+ certification.