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  1. NTE 25 Watt Ergonomic Soldering Iron

    25W soldering iron with conical needle tip (nickel-plated copper).

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  2. Eclipse SI-168U Portable USB Soldering Iron

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    This fully functioning USB powered soldering iron is compact portable and heats up rapidly, with instant recovery.

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  3. Adafruit Breadboarding Wire Bundle

    Adafruit Breadboarding Wire Bundle



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    65 flexible stranded core wires with stiff ends molded on in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, black and white.

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  4. Eclipse 900-271 Breadboard Kit

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    A small plastic box containing several pre-cut, pre-stripped and pre-formed wires for your next breadboarding project.

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Set Ascending Direction

4 Item(s)