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  1. MG Chemicals Sn63/Pb37 Leaded Solder Pocket Pack
    M.G. Chemicals Rosin Activated Flux formula is used in our flux-cored Solder Wire. Its rapid wetting and fast flowing properties results in consistent and reliable soldering every time. Cleaning becomes optional with our RA Flux core because of its non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive properties. Learn More
  2. Eclipse 900-271 Breadboard Kit

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    A small plastic box containing several pre-cut, pre-stripped and pre-formed wires for your next breadboarding project. Learn More
  3. Menda 151-168 6" Apple Nylon Probe Tool (Black)

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    This tool is suitable for use around ESD sensitive items. Hygroscopic properties of the nylon material will dissipate after you handle this tool for a few minutes with bare hands or dip into a topical antistatic solution before using. Learn More
  4. Eclipse 902-094 Helping Hands tool with Large Magnifier
    This table top soldering aid features a weighted base, a 3.5" magnifying lens, and alligator style clips for holding your project in place. Multiple points of adjustment for ease of use. Learn More
  5. ECG Mini Heat Gun

    ECG Mini Heat Gun

    SKU: HG-300D

    The ECG HG-300D Multi-function Mini Heat Gun features 2 speed/temperature settings and a built-in, self-supporting bracket making it ideal for hands-free heat shrink applications. Learn More
  6. NTE 25 Watt Ergonomic Soldering Iron

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    UL & C UL approved. Tip temperature +464°F (+240°C). Includes soldering iron and conical needle tip (nickel plated copper).

    Learn More
  7. Wagner HT1000 Heat Gun (1200W)

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    The HT1000 is an ideal, general purpose heat gun that is suitable for many heating applications ranging from removing paint, old flooring, bending plastics, loosen rusted bolts or thawing frozen pipes. It produces 1200 Watts and 4100 BTUs with a temperature setting of 750° F. or 1000° F. Ideal for DIYers, homeowners, handymen or part-time contractors. Learn More

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7 Item(s)