In-Store Rewards Program

If you shop with us often don't forget to sign up for our in-store Rewards Program. Accumulate points everytime you visit the store and redeem them for special rewards. Below is a list of rewards that are curently available.

Up to 25 Points

5 FREE .99 Cent used cable
5 FREE SWS Bubble case sticker
5 FREE SWS Car Sticker
10 FREE CPU key-chain
10 FREE Mousepad
15 FREE Can of Dust-Off
15 FREE 3FT-10FT Cat6 Cable
15 FREE 3FT-6FT Micro USB Cable
20 FREE 3FT-6FT Hdmi cable
20 $5 OFF A In-store purchase
25 FREE 8PIN I-Device Cable
25 FREE 8GB Flash Drive

Up to 50 Points

30 FREE Logitech S-120 speaker set
30 FREE Cryorig case fan
30 FREE Funko gaming figurine
35 FREE 16GB Flash drive
40 FREE Cougar 200M mouse
40 FREE Corsair small mouse-pad
40 $10 OFF A In-store Purchase
45 FREE Microsoft wired mouse
50 FREE 32GB Flash Drive
50 FREE 5-Port Gigabit switch
50 FREE $20 Steam gift card
50 FREE Corsair medium mouse-pad

Up to 100 Points

60 FREE Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse
60 FREE Used monitor under $30
60 FREE Logitech wireless mouse
70 FREE Corsair X-Large mouse-pad
75 FREE Asus RT-N12 WIFI Router
75 FREE Logitech Z-200 Speaker set
80 20 OFF A In-store purchase
100 FREE Logitech G430 USB headset
100 FREE Refurbished UPS under $50
100 FREE Clearance item priced under $50
100 $25 OFF A In-store purchase
100 $25 OFF Any In-House service

Over 100 Points

125 FREE Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard
150 FREE ½ Hour of training
150 25% OFF A Refurbished desktop or laptop