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  1. NZXT Hue+ Extension Kit

    NZXT Hue+ Extension Kit

    SKU: AC-HPL03-10

    Add Two LED Strips to the HUE+ supporting up to 40 LEDs per channel. Requires NZXT Hue+. Learn More
  2. NZXT Internal USB Hub

    NZXT Internal USB Hub



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    Sleek and multi-functional design that incorporates 3 internal and 2 external USB 2.0 connector ports. Learn More
  3. NZXT Sentry Mix 2 6-Channel Fan Controller

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    With six channels of continuous 30 watts of power at your fingertips, the Sentry Mix 2 gives you complete control over an arsenal of fans.

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  4. NZXT GRID+ v2 3-Channel Fan Controller

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    The GRID+ V2 combines intuitive software and variable installation options to provide a simple, unobtrusive solution for digital fan control.

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  5. NZXT HUE+ Advanced PC Lighting

    HUE+ lets you light up your system like never before. It is a digitally controlled lighting solution that combines intuitive software and versatile routing options to give you unprecedented PC illumination possibilities.

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  6. NZXT Aer RGB120 Case Fan - 120mm, Three Pack

    The Aer RGB fan provides optimal airflow and advanced lighting customizations.

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Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)