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  1. Heat transfer compound 4G Single Pack

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    Designed for use in transferring heat away from electrical and electronic devices such as; transistors, power diodes, semi-conductors, ballast's and thermocouple wells. High thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, high dissipation factor, use with heat sinks or metal chassis, will not dry or harden. Contains zinc oxide and polydimethyl siloxane. Learn More
  2. 1' Thermal Tape

    1' Thermal Tape

    SKU: TT-1010


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    1" Thermal Tape Learn More
  3. 1.5' Dual Sided Thermal Tape

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    1.5' Dual Sided Thermal Tape Learn More
  4. Artic Silver Alumina Thermal Paste

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    The first ceramic-based, polysynthetic thermal compound for use between modern high-power CPUs and high performance heatsinks or water-cooling solutions. Learn More
  5. StarTech Metal Oxide Thermal CPU Paste Compound

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    A high quality metallic solution that helps to ensure maximum dissipation of heat generated by the CPU for optimized performance and greater system stability; and is more effective than standard silicon-based heat grease/CPU paste, providing optimum protection against CPU heat damage. Learn More
  6. Non-Silicone Super Thermal Grease II
    The 8616 Super Thermal Grease is low thermal resistance grease with a synthetic oil base that is electrically insulating and non-corrosive. It is use to improve the thermal interface contact conductivity between heat sinks, LEDs, motors, and heat-generating electronic components such as CPUs, GPU chipsets, power components, and so on. It improves the thermal interface between irregular and pitted surfaces. Learn More
  7. Arctic Silver ACN-60ML 2PC KIT Thermal material Remover & Surface Purifier

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    Introducing ArctiClean, the first retail product to emerge from the union of Arctic Silver and Nanotherm technology. ArctiClean is a two-step cleaning process that removes existing thermal grease or pads and prepares the thermal surface for a fresh application of thermal interface material.

    Learn More
  8. ARCTIC MX-2 (4g) Carbon-Based Thermal Compound

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    MX-2 is a high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance compound for components that require optimum thermal dissipation. It is ideally suited for use in CPU, GPU cooling and other applications between power semiconductor components and heat sinks where thermal conductivity is a major factor. Learn More
  9. Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

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    With its unique high-density filling of micronized silver and enhanced thermally conductive ceramic particles, Arctic Silver 5 provides a new level of performance and stability. Available at Arctic Silver resellers worldwide. Arctic Silver 5 is the reference premium thermal compound. Arctic Silver 5 is optimized for a wide range of bond lines between modern high-power CPUs and high performance heatsinks or water-cooling solutions. Learn More
  10. ARCTIC MX-4 (4g) Carbon-Based Thermal Compound

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    The ARCTIC MX-4 is a new thermal compound that guarantees exceptional heat dissipation from components and maintains the needed stability to push your computer system to its maximum. The ARCTIC MX-4 continues to be overclocker’s ultimate choice when choosing thermal compound. Learn More

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